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cathy“I was always very self-conscious about my smile, but now, I look in the mirror and love what I see! If you are looking for the best dentist in town, Dr. Isaacs and her friendly, professional team make you feel right at home… not an easy feat in a dentist chair! You will not find a more dedicated professional. She keeps up with state-of-the-art procedures, and it is easy to see that she really loves what she does. My smile certainly proves it! Every time I smile, I remind myself – I can smile BIG now!”
– Cathy

robert“I have been seeing Dr. Isaacs for over three years now. Before Dr. Isaacs, my teeth were in very bad condition as a result of an improperly performed deep cleaning procedure. I knew that something major needed to be done but previous dentists just talked around the problem. Nobody seemed to be able to do anything but small fixes, and they didn’t solve the problem. When my wife sent me to Dr. Isaacs, I talked to her about implants. I wanted my teeth repaired once and for all, and she took action. It was a long procedure done with planning and care. I had teeth removed, bone reconstruction, time for healing and finally, the longed-for implants. I always felt comfortable with Dr. Isaacs, and she was terrific through every step of the procedure.”
– Robert

zee“Dr. Isaacs instantly won my confidence – she took the time to explain everything. She was always warm, friendly, hospitable and willing to work with me. She corrected my bite, addressed my teeth grinding, and used veneers to get my teeth back in line. Now I have no more discomfort, and my upper lip doesn’t look disfigured. It is like having a new mouth! I wish there were more doctors like Dr. Isaacs.”
– Zee

valerie“As my adult teeth started coming in, I hated them! I just wanted a confident smile. I trusted Artisan Dental and knew that they would do a good job. The results were amazing! Everything went according to plan. Now I receive many compliments on my teeth.”
– Valerie

andy“My fear of dentistry was so pervasive that I had not been to a dentist for over 10 years. My mouth was, literally, falling apart. I had compromised my oral health and appearance because of it. Several of my friends had been going to Dr. Isaacs for years. They were so happy with her, I decided to give her a try. At Dr. Isaacs’ office, there is a special warmth, a welcoming feeling, and an attitude of caring and interest. Because of that special caring, something happened – my fear was gone, replaced by complete trust and confidence. Today I have a smile and teeth I am proud of.”
– Andy

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